ESCo Group

With a long and significant experience in the energy field, confirmed by an excellent cooperation with an important number of customers from the economy or public administration, our specialist offer you integrated energy services which can lead to the reduction of your energy invoices by up to 20-25%.

ESCo business professional group offers you a wide range of integrated energy services including:

Identification of the energy saving generating technical solutions within the global context of the environment protection and lasting development. Design and project implementation through the energy conservation technologies, externalization of the energy-consuming activities, optimization of the energy production and supply, Implementation of the renewable energies, energy and risk management. Technology implementation independent of the equipment suppliers. Energy project financing. Energy supply at advantageous prices, with minimum risk for the customer.
Assumed targets
Energy audit and pre-feasibility studies
The audit mission precisely aims at identifying the energy saving sources within the Customer's context. All the energy consumptions will be studied thoroughly taking into consideration the future evolutions of the Customer's platform. The pre-feasibility studies subsequent to the audit confirm the financial and technical utility. These targets are carried out by energy auditors authorized by the ANRE Agency, fact that relieves the Customer of the compulsoriness of developing an annual energy balance. As a result of the audit stage, a CONTRACT OF ENERGY SERVICES will establish the subsequent activity..
Feasibility and project studies
Subsequent to the Customer's decision on the proposed technical-economic assembly, the feasibility study and the technical project aim at studying the execution thoroughly beforehand.
Project management
The ESCo specialists will participate in the implementation of the energy project materialized as a result of the feasibility study. The tender books are drawn up in order to purchase the equipment and execute the works by pursuing the Customer's financial interest. The execution aims at strictly enforcing the Customer's internal standards.
Operation and energy management
The good operation of the energy equipment as the contract subject matter will be controlled through the ESCo management and maintenance teams. Monthly reports on the energy performances are offered to the Customer, by applying the contract transparency clauses. Any possible optimization in relation to the initial situation in the contract will be considered and divided between the Customer and ESCo, on the principle of the expenses total transparency. The ESCo specialists, the energy managers authorized by ANRE will carry out the annual reports required by the legislation in force, by integrating the evolutions with a view to obtaining energy savings.
The multiple financing sources are identified since the audit stage. All the specific un-repayable, possible sources are accessed, trying to minimize the beneficiary's contribution. The monthly royalties corresponding to the financing are indexed on performance indices in the sense of the energy efficiency.
Energy supply
In order to limit the present risk because of the market fluctuations, ESCo proposes viable supply solutions at competitive costs, strictly adapted to the Consumer's load profile, a profile that results from the AUDIT stage.